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Try The LCO 1 Kit. Three simple steps: Liquid, Cream then Oil. Maximize the moisture in your hair with this simple kit!    



It is important for us to love the hair we are in and to take care of it. We want to show the world that natural hair is acceptable in all walks of life including the corporate world. We want our generation and generations to come knowing that, as long as they take care of their hair. they have good hair and we want them to not count the days until their first perm or relaxer but relish in the crowns on their heads. We are rebelling against the harming chemicals and old oppressive social pressures. We need Au Rebelle against the old thinking. 
Au Rebelle natural hair products focus on maintaining the needs of all hair types but specifically curls and coils. We focus on moisture retention, eliminating dryness and minimizing the breakage associated with excessive dryness.  Share your hair journey, Au Rebelle!